Brazilian Butt Lift

What Does It Mean to Undergo Fat Transfer?

People who desire a more shapely and curvaceous backside may find that traditional exercises do little to provide them with the appearance they desire. Butt augmentation can help shape your buttocks for a more attractive appearance. However, traditional butt augmentation that uses silicone implants often doesn’t provide the natural results many clients desire. The Brazilian Butt Lift uses patient-harvested fat to contour and increase the size of your buttocks.

The Benefits of Fat Transfer

  • No synthetic products; all-natural fat

  • Limited incisions

  • Custom-shaped buttocks

  • Slims problem fat areas


Fat Transfer vs. Implants

Fat Transfer

  • Fat transfer harvests fat from problem areas, which helps slim and tone the patient’s physique
  • The harvesting process uses gentle liposuction to preserve the highest number of fat cells and to contour your trouble areas
  • The fat is then purified for transfer
  • Fat is grafted into the buttocks in even layers, which allows Dr. Pollack to custom-shape your behind to best highlight the natural curvature of your body
  • The fat is injected using a specially designed needle that will result in mild, if any, scarring


  • An incision is created along the lower fold of each buttock, which may result in more extensive scarring
  • A silicone implant is inserted into a pocket created under the gluteal muscles
  • This process may result in a noticeably augmented appearance, especially if there isn’t enough tissue to mask the implant’s edge
  • While implants come in a variety of shapes, it is more difficult to achieve the custom-tailored results of fat transfer
  • Due to the more invasive nature, implants require a longer recovery period

Frequently Asked Questions

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