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Breast Implant Removal

In recent years, a record amount of women have chosen to enhance the size and shape of their chests with breast augmentation. Breast implant removal is gaining popularity as some women are second-guessing their implant selection or experiencing implant-related complications.

Dr. Larry Pollack performs breast implant removal on patients in his San Diego, California, office. Women interested in breast implant removal or breast revision have several options when undergoing the procedure.

Do you desire...

  • Healthier breasts
  • Improved comfort after implant complications
  • An alternate bust size
  • An implant of a different material, shape, or texture
  • Peace of mind
  • Better breast symmetry
  • Enhanced confidence
  • Natural-looking cleavage

If you lack satisfaction and confidence in your appearance because of the appearence of your breasts,
breast implant removal surgery with Dr. Pollack in San Diego may be the right choice for you.


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Breast Implant Removal Process


Explant surgery is typically performed under general anesthesia.


Dr. Pollack will make the incision along the breast crease or the bottom edge of the areola. Your breast augmentation incision may be used so that no new scarring develops.

The implant and scar tissue capsule will be removed from the breast pocket. These may be taken separately as one piece in a technique known as en bloc removal. Any free silicone that can be safely removed will also be taken at this time.

Additional Procedures

If a replacement implant is desired, it will be inserted. This can be a replica of the previous implant, or one of a different size, filling material, shape, or texture.

Some women discover that the permanent removal of an implant leaves them with premature breast sagging. Breast lift surgery will tighten lax skin and glandular tissue to restore youthful, perky breasts.

The incisions are closed with sutures or surgical skin adhesives.


The recovery after your breast implant removal will be similar to that of your initial breast augmentation, but most patients find the recovery easier. Your breasts will be wrapped in a compression garment or surgical dressings that will reduce swelling, encourage circulation, and speed up the healing process. Patients can expect some discomfort at first that can be remedied with oral pain medication. Bruising and swelling should subside within a few weeks, and patients can resume most exercises after four to six weeks.


The cost of breast implant removal varies on the extent of the procedure, the techniques used, and whether or not replacement implants are used. Additional cost factors include anesthesia fees, facility fees, surgeon’s fees, pre-surgical tests, and postoperative dressings and medications. Dr. Pollack will give you a cost estimate during your consultation.

If your implants are ruptured, they may be under warranty with the manufacturer. New implants are sometimes provided at no cost depending on the circumstances. Dr. Pollack’s office can help you with a claim.

Reasons for Implant Removal

Implant Complications

Implant complications are the most popular reasons to undergo breast implant removal.

• Capsular contracture is the squeezing of the implant caused by the tightening of the surrounding scar tissue
• Implant rupture is when the implant shell tears, allowing the inner contents to escape into the body
• Breast implant removal can also replace an implant after a failed breast augmentation

Change in Aesthetic Appearance

• Not every woman embraces the “bigger is better” philosophy their entire life
• Women can choose to remove their implants permanently or exchange them for a different size, shape, filling material, or texture
• Breast implant removal allows women to tailor their breast size to their lifestyle and aesthetic desires

Other Concerns

• Breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL) is a rare form of cancer that can develop in the scar tissue surrounding the textured implants. Very few cases have been reported, and the majority of issues have been with Allergan™ implants

Prepare for Your Surgery

A consultation with Dr. Larry Pollack is required before you undergo breast implant removal. During this appointment, Dr. Pollack will evaluate your condition and discuss your reasons for desiring breast implant removal. This will allow him to tailor your breast procedure to your specific needs. You must share your aesthetic goals with Dr. Pollack to ensure that the results you receive are what you desire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a candidate for breast implant removal?

How Can We Help?

Dr. Pollack would be pleased to help you determine the procedure that will best meet your needs. During a consultation at his La Jolla location, Dr. Pollack will assess your health history, your area(s) of concern, and your desires for the procedure to ensure you will be satisfied with your results.

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