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The skin at the earlobes is unique in the sense that a piercing can remain open for years. In fact, the skin in a piercing will remain open and even continue to stretch over time, especially with the consistent use of earrings, in particular heavy earrings. Ear gauges have been very popular in recent years and can cause ear lobes to stretch drastically and even tear, with these openings only getting worse as time goes by. However, there is a way to repair this damage through cosmetic surgery. Dr. Pollack offers a simple earlobe repair procedure that can be done quickly with minimal pain and a rapid recovery. Patients can walk out of the door and be wearing their favorite pair of earrings within a few months.


People with stretched or torn earlobes from heavy jewelry, ear gauges, or an injury from torn-out earrings are ideal candidates for earlobe repair. Candidates should be in good general health. Although earlobe repair is relatively simple, patients should still be upfront about any medical conditions beforehand as with any other cosmetic or medical process.


Earlobe repairs are pretty simple. A small incision is made to create a new wound, and the skin is held and stitched together. Surgeons can use different incision techniques, such as in V, L, Z, or wedge shapes, to reach the desired results. Dr. Pollack creates a “mini-flap” using the L-shape pattern to stitch the earlobe together. This technique is thought to be the best to avoid “notching,” the term used for visibly uneven skin from the earlobe flaps stitched together. The whole repair process can take about fifteen to twenty minutes to complete, with Dr. Pollack using a small dose of local anesthesia to manage any pain and discomfort.


The earlobe area and stitches may be a little sore in the days right after the procedure, but for the most part, pain and discomfort from earlobe repair should be minimal. Patients will be advised to clean the repaired earlobe area with soap and water every day in the first week after the procedure is done. Patients may also use petroleum jelly to promote further healing and avoid any scarring. Stitches should be removed after the first week.


Earlobe repair can be used to fix tears and stretches both big and small, and the technique used by Dr. Pollack is a quick way that offers fast-healing results. By six weeks, the earlobes should be fully healed—and they may even be ready for a new piercing, but this will depend on the individual. Dr. Pollack is happy to re-pierce any patient who comes in with an earring after they have healed from an earlobe repair procedure. Earlobe repairs are a fast, simple fix to tears and stretches that should last a lifetime if the area is taken care of. Earrings can still be enjoyed, and injuries and tears can be repaired in a way that’s much more simple than what most people think.

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