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Ear Lobe Repair San Diego

Ear lobe repair San DiegoOver the years, wearing heavy earrings or ear gauges will cause stretching of the earlobes and sometimes even tears where the earlobe was pierced.  Many individuals do not realize that this can easily be repaired, and that you will be able to go back to wearing your favorite earrings again within a few months. 

Dr. Pollack performs a “mini-flap” on the ear, in an L-shape pattern, by making a small incision where the former hole used to be.  This procedure is performedEarlobe Repair San Diego in the office with a small amount of local anesthesia.  By repairing the ear in this way, you will avoid “notching” as the ear heals, and will be able to re-pierce the ear in about six weeks without problems.  Dr. Pollack will even re-pierce the ear for you at no charge if you return to the office with an earring. 

This quick fix repair can be performed on ears which are already torn all the way through or those that are just stretched.  Put your clip earrings back in the drawer and consider having your ear repaired instead!