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Cosmetic Surgery Makeover in Del Mar, San Diego

Facial Cosmetic SurgeryChances are, once you have decided to undergo a facial procedure to enhance your appearance, you are fairly invested in how you look. The decision to undergo a facelift, browlift, laser procedures, or eyelid surgery is a big one! Give yourself plenty of time to heal and don’t expect to feel “normal” right away. Even the slightest changes to your face might make you uneasy at first. Here are some tips to feeling better quickly and maximizing your results:
• Once your doctor allows you to wear makeup, visit a specialist at your local department store who can help you color match your skin and cover any residual bruising.
• Interact with friends….the isolation of recovery can lead to post-op depression. Allow yourself to visit with people who love you.
• Get your hair done. If you need new color, spruce it up! Get a new style or a blow-out. Why spend all the money on surgery and leave your hair in an old, dull style?
• See a brow shaper. Eyebrows are extremely important in framing the face. Wax your brows and your upper lip for a smooth appearance.
• Most of all, take it easy on yourself. If your new look isn’t just right, give it some time. Cosmetic surgery “recovery” is not overnight.