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Liposuction Vs. CoolSculpting®: Which Is Best for Me? 

3 Minute Read: Many people have to deal with stubborn pockets of fat. Cosmetic body contouring procedures allow patients to get rid of fat that they could not shed through diet and exercise.  While there are both surgical and non-surgical ways of performing body contouring, the goal is the same: to enhance the natural contour […]

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Getting Bikini-Ready in Time for Summer

With the leaves starting to change and the holiday season upon us, it may not feel like the time to start thinking about next summer, especially about how you want your body to look. While it’s true that we still have a while to go, the fall and winter months are actually the perfect time […]

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CoolSculpting® vs. Liposuction In San Diego

Liposuction and CoolSculpting® are two popular fat reduction procedures. Both can improve your body shape by eliminating excess fat from your trouble areas, but the procedures and results differ in several ways. Here are some of the differences between CoolSculpting® and liposuction. CoolSculpting® Non-Surgical: CoolSculpting® removes unwanted body fat through non-surgical means by using an […]

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4 Ways to Tone Your Body After Weight-Loss Surgery

A toned body is lean, shapely, and has noticeable muscle definition. After weight-loss surgery, you may be saddened that your newly improved body still lacks tone and definition. You may have sagging, excess skin that gives you an unattractive silhouette. The following four body contouring procedures can eliminate loose skin and improve your body contour […]

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