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Smooth Skin for Summer With Laser Hair Removal

Summer is all about going outside and letting your bare skin soak up the sun rays. Unfortunately, unwanted body hair can get in the way of your enjoyment as you must painstakingly shave or wax to get smooth skin. Laser hair removal can give you smooth skin just in time for summer with long-lasting results […]

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Male Body Hair

Why do men grow more hair on their back, ear, nose, and eyebrows as they get older? As some men age, their levels of a testosterone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) rise, while levels of regular testosterone drop. Ironically though, high levels of DHT are also the cause of baldness and increased hair growth in places like the back, ears […]

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Creative ways to pay for cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Financing, Del Mar In the current economic climate, most of us don’t have extra cash reserves for the extra beauty treatments we would like to get.  Finding ways to pay for cosmetic procedures is becoming more challenging.  Thanks to innovative companies such as Care Credit, several options are available to help pay for […]

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Get a Grip on Growth: Laser Hair Removal in San Diego

Laser Hair Removal San Diego If you are tired of the pain and inconvenience of waxing and shaving, consider laser hair removal at Del Mar Plastic Surgery.  Any area of the body can be treated except for around the eyes.  Treatments are fast and safe, and suitable for both men and women.  A large area (such […]

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Dr. Pollack would be pleased to help you determine the procedure that will best meet your needs. During a consultation at his La Jolla location, Dr. Pollack will assess your health history, your area(s) of concern, and your desires for the procedure to ensure you will be satisfied with your results.

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