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Tired Eyes Remedy – San Diego

Lift the Brows for a Less Tired Look When it comes time to address some of the signs of facial aging, usually the eyes are the first thing we notice.  Drooping upper lids and prominent frown lines can make you look tired and angry even when you aren’t.  Sometimes, upper eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty will […]

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Eyelid Surgery San Diego

Upper Eyelid Surgery Without Anesthesia There is no doubt that one of the biggest fears about having cosmetic surgery is the fear of anesthesia.  Most procedures are performed with anesthesia to keep patients both safe and comfortable.  Risks are actually reduced for many common procedures when anesthesia is administered.   However,  some minor cosmetic procedures such […]

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Plastic Surgery: Frequently asked questions – Part 2

Information and answers to common questions about plastic surgery, Del Mar, San Diego – Part 2 I WAS CONTEMPLATING LIP AUGMENTATION BUT DON’T WANT TO LOOK LIKE A DUCK, OR WORSE! IS IT POSSIBLE? Yes. As a matter of fact, no-one having a lip augmentation should look like a duck. Lip enhancement should be no different […]

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Making the Most of Your Cosmetic Surgery Makeover

Cosmetic Surgery Makeover in Del Mar, San Diego Chances are, once you have decided to undergo a facial procedure to enhance your appearance, you are fairly invested in how you look. The decision to undergo a facelift, browlift, laser procedures, or eyelid surgery is a big one! Give yourself plenty of time to heal and […]

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Creative ways to pay for cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Financing, Del Mar In the current economic climate, most of us don’t have extra cash reserves for the extra beauty treatments we would like to get.  Finding ways to pay for cosmetic procedures is becoming more challenging.  Thanks to innovative companies such as Care Credit, several options are available to help pay for […]

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Dr. Pollack would be pleased to help you determine the procedure that will best meet your needs. During a consultation at his La Jolla location, Dr. Pollack will assess your health history, your area(s) of concern, and your desires for the procedure to ensure you will be satisfied with your results.

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