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Get an Ear Makeover With Earlobe Repair

2 Min Read Every generation has its defining look. For the youth of the early 2000s, fashion was defined by a desire to be different. Eye-catching punk and rocker styles became the norm, and ear gauges—which often involved stretching the earlobe to extreme lengths—skyrocketed in popularity. It was almost a rite of passage to go […]

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Creative ways to pay for cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Financing, Del Mar In the current economic climate, most of us don’t have extra cash reserves for the extra beauty treatments we would like to get.  Finding ways to pay for cosmetic procedures is becoming more challenging.  Thanks to innovative companies such as Care Credit, several options are available to help pay for […]

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Torn or Streched Earlobe Repair

Ear Lobe Repair San Diego Over the years, wearing heavy earrings or ear gauges will cause stretching of the earlobes and sometimes even tears where the earlobe was pierced.  Many individuals do not realize that this can easily be repaired, and that you will be able to go back to wearing your favorite earrings again within a few […]

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