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Summertime Breast Check

Skin Cancer Prevention in San Diego The Summer months will be filled with socializing, warm weather and time in the sun. Most of us remember to use sunscreen liberally on our face, but gloss over other body parts. One of the most exposed area’s all year long is our chest. We need to make it […]

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Creative ways to pay for cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Financing, Del Mar In the current economic climate, most of us don’t have extra cash reserves for the extra beauty treatments we would like to get.  Finding ways to pay for cosmetic procedures is becoming more challenging.  Thanks to innovative companies such as Care Credit, several options are available to help pay for […]

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Making Sense of Skin Cancer

San Diego Dermatology Because I grew up on the beach in Southern California, having a tan was a normal part of my life.  As a young girl, I would spend hours in the sun and come home with bright red sunburns and more freckles than I could count.   I wish I had known back then […]

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