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Breast Implant Leaks, San Diego

Breast Implant Leak or Rupture Symptoms One of the risks of having breast implants is understanding that at some point over their life span, they may rupture or leak.  Spontaneous ruptures are extremely rare; it usually takes some sort of adverse event or trauma to the breast to cause a problem.  If for some reason […]

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What is a Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover San Diego Chances are you have heard the term “mommy makeover” used when cosmetic surgery is being discussed. Perhaps you have seen it on a television show, a magazine, or heard it mentioned in conversation.  The term “mommy makeover” is derived from the desire to obtain a woman’s “pre-baby” body  following pregnancy.   The […]

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Breast Revision Surgery in San Diego

Breast Revision Surgeon, Breast Revision Specialist – Dr. Larry Pollack Many times, patients arrive at our office with questions about previous breast augmentation surgeries.  Sometimes a surgery didn’t turn out as hoped or perhaps time and circumstances have changed how the breasts now look.  Regardless of the situation, Dr. Pollack specializes in revising previous breast […]

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Breast Implant Warranty

Do I need to replace my implants every 10 years?   I frequently get asked the question during a consultation “Don’t I have to replace my breast implants every 10 years?”  The answer is NO.  I am not sure where or why the myth of the 10 year replacement rule started, but there is no […]

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Breast Cancer Awareness in San Diego

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month A large part of my practice, Del Mar Plastic Surgery located in San Diego, is breast reconstruction after mastectomy for breast cancer and it has always been one of the most fulfilling and rewarding surgeries that I perform. One in eight women (13%) in the the United States will develop breast […]

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Dr. Pollack would be pleased to help you determine the procedure that will best meet your needs. During a consultation at his La Jolla location, Dr. Pollack will assess your health history, your area(s) of concern, and your desires for the procedure to ensure you will be satisfied with your results.

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