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Your Sweet Tooth May Be Aging You…

Is sugar bad for your skin? Sugar seems to be everywhere today, whether we know that we are consuming it or not. Not only is our dependency on the sweet stuff a verified addiction, but it is also being touted as a habit more powerful than tobacco. Some researchers have found it more addictive than cocaine! […]

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Tummy Tuck FAQ’s

How do I know if I need a mini tummy tuck, a full tummy tuck, or liposuction? First of all, the only way to really know for sure is to get opinions from Board Certified Plastic Surgeons. Explore the consultation process and learn about your options. Before you head in, however, I can tell you […]

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How To Repair Sun Damaged Skin

Sun Damaged Skin Repair Have you been spending too much time in the sun? While sun damage does not happen overnight, it can seem that it can appear out of nowhere? The more we are exposed to the sun, the more collagen and elastin in the deeper layers of the skin are broken down. This […]

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Looking For Healthy Skin?

Tips For Maintaining Healthy Skin I like to work with your skins own energy. I believe that whatever is going on in your body will definitely show in your skin. For example: if your skin is sensitive, use products on it that are meant to calm the skins surface. Stay away from harsh ingredients and […]

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Winter Weather Affecting Your Skin?

 Winter Weather Do’s And Dont’s… Do: Wear Sunscreen. Sun Damage Can Occur Even When It Is Chilly Outside. Don’t: Take Long, Hot Showers And Baths. In The Winter Our Skin Is Already Drier Than Usual, Hot Water Can Make It Worse. Do: Take A Look At Your Skin Care Products. Have You Switched To A […]

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