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How To Repair Aged and Sun-Damaged Skin

Most of us are born with naturally smooth skin. However, as we age, moisture levels drop. This can result in dry skin that may have a rough, uneven texture. Roughness may be the first sign of sun damage, which depletes collagen and dehydrates the skin. It can also be a sign of a chronic skin […]

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Choosing The Right Natural-Looking Breast Implants For You

Many women who desire breast augmentation want their breasts to look larger and more attractive but also natural. If your goal is to choose the most natural-looking breast implants, many factors will affect your decision. Your choice of implant type, size, shape, profile, and placement as well as your body shape, chest wall, and breast […]

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How Much Does A Breast Augmentation Cost

How Much Does A Breast Augmentation Cost And Why Do Prices Vary So Much? On an average day, I get at least four or five requests for the price of a breast augmentation. I have learned that patients seeking this surgery are often price-sensitive and looking for the best deal. If you see an ad […]

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Breast Augmentation Recovery Guide

Breast augmentation is the world’s most popular cosmetic surgery procedure. When considering surgery, the primary concern for most patients is the recovery process and downtime that comes with the procedure. While techniques are continually being refined to speed up this process, the recovery period can vary significantly. When recovering from any surgery, many variables affect […]

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When to Replace Breast Implants

Breast implants are highly durable and can withstand any activity your lifestyle presents. However, just like any other artificial device, breast implants will undergo normal wear and tear as the years pass. Breast implants do not last forever, and they will eventually need to be replaced. While most breast implant companies recommend replacing implants approximately […]

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