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Del Mar Plastic Surgery in San Diego

Del Mar Plastic Suregey OfficeHave you ever noticed how great it makes you feel when you walk into a place and they know you by name?  How often do you experience that when you go into a doctor’s office?  My guess is, very rarely.   In most cases, you sign in, take your clipboard and wait for an unfamiliar face to call your name.

Del Mar Plastic Surgery, San DiegoComing into Dr. Pollack’s office at Del Mar Plastic Surgery in San Diego, is an entirely different experience.  Our staff has been together for so many years, we are like family. Tanya, our front office coordinator has worked with us for 7 years.  She will always greet you with a huge smile and make you feel welcome instantly. Our fabulous aesthetician, Kristi, has been with us for 6 years.  Many of her patients followed her to our office from her previous place of employment and are still coming in today.  A visit to her room is magical, and she will treat you like a princess with every skin treatment she does. I (Kate) have almost managed to reach my 15 years with Dr. Pollack, which I will celebrate in October.   I love it when a patient from 10 years ago will call the office and ask for me by name—and I remember everybody, too.Very few offices have had staff for so many years who are this happy and dedicated.  We don’t use a sign in sheet because we know you by name when you walk in the door and we are happy to see you.  This speaks volumes about Dr. Pollack.  To have such a great reputation in the community, among his peers, and ESPECIALLY his staff, makes him truly a rare gem. Kate