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Breast Augmentation San Diego

Breast Augmentation San DiegoSilicone implants came back on the market for breast augmentation 3 to 4 years ago, yet there remains some fear and confusion about their safety. Silicone implants were restricted in the mid-90’s so that they could only be used in breast cancer patients or women who had both a breast lift AND a breast augmentation. The only women who could not get silicone implants were those who wanted only a breast augmentation. While this made no sense to anyone, that was the FDA ruling.

After many years of additional trials and studies, silicone implants were proven to be safe, with absolutely no evidence that they caused any systemic disease like lupus, arthritis, or scleroderma. Nonetheless, these beliefs still linger.

Why are silicone implants better than saline for breast augmentation? Mostly because they are softer and feel more natural. Saline implants tend to be firm, and in women with small, thin breasts, implant wrinkles can be seen through the skin. It is, after all, a bag of water.

Having said that, both types of implants can create beautiful breast augmentations. I place all the implants, saline or silicone, under the muscle to minimize the “fake” or “done” look.

The FDA estimates that implants last about 10 years, but this was a compromise number, since individual lifestyles have more to do with how long they last. I have seen women that have intact, normal implants 20 or 25 years after augmentation, and others who have needed replacement in 5 or 6 years. Implants usually fail because of trauma, such as a car or skiing accident, or other activities like kick-boxing or surfing. If a saline implant fails, your body will absorb the water and the breast will go flat–easy to diagnose. If a silicone implant fails, it may be harder to tell, but most women report some trauma to their breast followed by the breast “feeling different”, usually softer. My advice is to see me if you experience any trauma to the breast so that we can check the implant.

So, silicone implant or saline implant? You have to feel comfortable with your choice, so talk to girlfriends who have implants or come in for a consultation to look at the implants and get more information.