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Muffin Top Removal (Love Handles), San Diego

Muffin Top surgeryLet’s face it, muffin tops should be left at the bakery.  Nobody likes to put on the low-waisted jeans and have to look at that extra bulge pooching out over our waistlines.  Even the most fit and active men and women struggle with that extra padding, especially with the styles of pants now available.

So what are the options for “muffin top” removal other than extreme diets, water loss, and Spanx?   Well, a simple liposuction procedure could be the answer.  There is really no magic to it— the fat is removed via traditional liposuction, which takes about 30 minutes, and then it’s gone!  As long as you maintain a healthy lifestyle following the muffin top surgery, it will be gone for good.  If you think this may be something you are interested in, schedule a consultation to see Dr. Pollack.  He will be honest with you in assessing the type of results you can expect.  Initial recovery takes a few days, and the long-term benefit is well worth it.

Patient Coordinator