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Plastic Surgery – Multiple Procedures in One Surgery, San Diego

Plastic Surgery in Del Mar, San DiegoSo you’ve decided its time to see some plastic surgeons about getting the body you want and deserve.  Perhaps you had a few babies, lost some weight, or just don’t feel as good as you did in your twenties.  You write down your “wish list” and head out to see the doctor.  Typically at the consultation, the doctor or his consultant will ask you to prioritize the list of procedures you are interested in.  Many patients will arrive at the consultation wanting to have multiple plastic surgery procedures in one surgery, which can certainly be accomplished within reason.  So the question arises, “which surgeries can I combine?”

There is a limit to how much surgery can safely be performed at one time.  We try to limit the amount of time under anesthesia to no more than 6 hours.  A mommy makeover usually consists of a tummy tuck, liposuction and breast surgery (lift and/or implants).  Adding a thigh lift, arm lift, or facelift to this surgery is usually not recommended.  Due to the length of the surgery, and the issues with recovery, adding any additional surgery would unacceptably increase risks.  Usually, when considering which procedures to combine, we must consider if the patient will be able to compensate for the area of the body that needs to heal.  For instance, when a patient has breast and tummy surgery, she will rely more heavily on her legs postoperatively.   Having thigh lift surgery increases the amount a patient relies on her arms and abdominal muscles to move around.  These are all factors to consider when requesting all-in-one surgery.  At Del Mar Plastic Surgery, Dr. Pollack and his team consider safety first when designing every patient’s treatment plan.