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Tips For Maintaining Healthy Skin

tips for healthy skinI like to work with your skins own energy. I believe that whatever is going on in your body will definitely show in your skin. For example: if your skin is sensitive, use products on it that are meant to calm the skins surface. Stay away from harsh ingredients and procedures.
Do not pick at your skin no matter what! That’s a hard one but picking leads to spreading bacteria, acne scars and hyperpigmentation. Each time you get the urge to pick, spot treat with a serum instead.
Use a toner after every cleanse. It may seem like an unnecessary step but toners hydrate the skin after it has been stripped, remove traces of dirt, oil and dead skin cells. Using a toner also keeps you honest. Think you did a good job cleansing your skin? Swipe a toner pad across your clean skin and see. I think that we can usually do better.
Ideally speaking, it is good to apply a mask once a week. I suggest sleeping in one. Apply a clay based mask to your T-Zone, let it dry and remove it in the morning. This will pull impurities out while you sleep and your pores will look better by morning.
Always, always, always use a moisturizer.  Every time you cleanse your skin, you are stripping it of good and bad oils and if you don’t replenish that moisture, then your skin becomes out of balance and can over produce oil in an attempt to soothe itself. Moisture means hydration, not oil.
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