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woman in polka-dot bikiniIf you’ve been considering breast augmentation for any period of time, you know that this procedure involves quite a few options. Every choice, from breast implant size to incision location, will affect the way your new breasts will look and feel. As a breast augmentation specialist, Dr. Pollack has a wealth of experience with every option available and will customize his approach to match your desires and suit your unique physical anatomy.

Since one of the most impactful choices of breast augmentation is whether to place the implant above or below the pectoral muscle, we at Del Mar Plastic Surgery want to shed some light on this choice in particular. Remember that all options for breast augmentation will be discussed in detail during your initial consultation with Dr. Pollack.

Subglandular Placement

Subglandular placement means that the implant rests beneath the glandular tissue of the breast but above the pectoral muscle. Since this placement is less complicated to perform than placement below the muscle, it results in a faster recovery. The main disadvantage of this placement is that it can lead to an unnatural appearance if the patient does not have a lot of breast tissue to begin with, so patients who are very thin or who have thin skin are more likely to experience visible implant rippling. Statistics have shown that subglandular placement is also associated with a higher rate for capsular contracture, although implant placement is not always the main cause for this complication.

Submuscular Placement

Submuscular placement means that the implant rests below the pectoral muscle. In general, most surgeons agree that submuscular placement results in a more natural appearance for the long term. Aging, weight loss, and breast changes after pregnancy can increase the chances of implant palpability and visible rippling when the implant is placed above the muscle, but submuscular placement helps to disguise these changes. Submuscular placement also interferes less with mammography than subglandular placement and has a lower risk for bottoming out and capsular contracture. Because of the way the muscle covers the top of the implant, placement under the muscle offers a more natural slope to the top of the breast; however, if the patient wants submuscular placement as well as fullness in the upper pole of the breast, Dr. Pollack can achieve this. If sagging is present, Dr. Pollack may recommend a breast lift along with a breast augmentation to produce the most optimal results.

As you make all of your desires known during your initial consultation, Dr. Pollack will inform you of the possible outcomes with each technique. His goal is to make sure you are comfortable and well-informed of the entire process so that the surgical result meets your desires and expectations.

If you are interested in breast augmentation in the San Diego area, please contact Del Mar Plastic Surgery by calling (888) 600-0683 to schedule your consultation with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Larry Pollack. For your convenience, you may also fill out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!