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shutterstock_269013338A toned body is lean, shapely, and has noticeable muscle definition. After weight-loss surgery, you may be saddened that your newly improved body still lacks tone and definition. You may have sagging, excess skin that gives you an unattractive silhouette. The following four body contouring procedures can eliminate loose skin and improve your body contour to create a more attractive and toned body shape after weight-loss surgery.

1) Arm Lift

Arm lift surgery tones the upper arms by removing excess skin and localized fat. Dr. Pollack will make an incision extending from the armpit to the elbow on the underside of each arm. Through these incisions, he will surgically tighten the tissues, remove hanging skin and fat, and improve the contours of your arms.

2) Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery lifts and reshapes the breasts to create a more feminine and firm shape after major weight loss. Dr. Pollack will surgically remove excess tissue and then elevate and reshape the remaining breast tissue to reflect more natural feminine curves. A breast lift may be combined with breast augmentation to increase the fullness of the breasts.

3) Tummy Tuck

Before and After Massive Weight Loss SurgeryMuch of the excess weight lost after weight-loss surgery comes from the waistline. Consequently, you may be left with stubborn fat deposits, stretch marks, and loose, sagging skin that hangs around your midsection. Dr. Pollack can perform tummy tuck surgery to tighten your stomach muscles, flatten your abdomen, remove excess skin and fat, and improve the shape of your waist.

4) Thigh Lift

Excess skin and fat can also hang from the inner and outer thighs. Thigh lift surgery can target one or both of these areas to improve the contours of the thighs. For inner thigh surgery, Dr. Pollack will make an incision near the groin to remove excess fat and skin. For outer thigh surgery, Dr. Pollack will make an incision extending from the groin up around the hip. Outer thigh surgery is also called a “belt lipectomy” and can improve the appearance of the buttocks as well.

Having a well-toned body can enhance your self-esteem and confidence and will help you to look your best. One or more of these procedures could change your life by enhancing your body shape to reveal the improvements brought about by your change in lifestyle. Schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Pollack to discuss your desires for body contouring after weight-loss surgery. Call (858) 450-9100 or fill out our online contact form to schedule your appointment today.