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How can I look younger?

young womenWe all know the anti-aging basics. (In a word: Sunscreen). Here’s the skin-care news you can use to start looking younger right now!

“You look so young.”   These are the words we long to hear- and we will go to great (silly and expensive) lengths to hear them. But at a certain point, maybe we should stop and ask ourselves: Is it really eternal youth that we should be pursuing? Should that be our goal? We all see people in the public eye who try to turn the clock back dramatically and end up looking freakish. When they stop trying so hard, they start looking better!

More and more doctors are warning of the dangers of pursuing youth at all costs- the frozen features, the painfull tauntness, the total absence of facial lines. Instead, we should think of “age maintenance“, which is finding the age at which you are happiest with your looks and doing the best that you can to slow down-not reverse or halt altogether-the aging process.

Consider the fact that the face has three different components: muscle, fat and the outmost layer of skin itself.
When we are young, those three parts are all one piece in a sense; but as we get older, each part of us may age in different rates depending on both our genetics and our environments. Muscle sags; we lose volume and plumpness as our face loses fat and bone; the outer layer of skin wrinkles. The idea behind age maintenance is to find what you consider a sweet spot in your appearance-say your mid thirties-and to restore what you have in looks. In other words, prevention is best and restoration is fine. It’s going to far that gets so many women into trouble.

Of course you will age. But there is more and more that you can do to slow the clock- on all parts of the face and body and for all skin types. Basics of good skin care include, a good skin-care regimen of cleansing, exfoliating, sunscreen, regular facial treatments and if money allows, the use of Botox/fillers and lasers. By doing this, you can radically slow down the process. Even more critical? You will look like yourself and not a cartoon of yourself as the years go by.

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