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Belly Button After Tummy Tuck

tummy tuck belly button“So what really happens to my belly button if I have a tummy tuck?”  As a consultant, patients ask me this question all the time.  For some reason, there is a misconception that we actually remove the belly button entirely.

Here is how I explain what happens:

Dr. Pollack makes his primary incision above the bikini area from hip to hip.  In order to elevate the skin up to the sternum (breast area) and pull down, he releases the belly button by cutting the skin around it.  While the skin is elevated, he then tightens the abdominal muscles with sutures, thus creating what I like to call an “inner corset”.  Once the muscles are tightened, he pulls all of the skin down like a sheet and removes the excess at the bottom.  The skin that was once above the belly button is now below, and the hole where the belly button once was is gone.

So… what?  A new HOLE for the belly button is created.  Dr. Pollack is a master at making this look beautiful and natural, with the slight hooding of an original belly button.  Following a tummy tuck, you may have some slight redness around the belly button from the incision, but it heals beautifully and is eventually unnoticeable.

tummy tuck belly button

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Patient Care Coordinator

Del Mar Plastic Surgery