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Short Scar Facelift: Safe and Effective

Face Lift Surgery in Del Mar, San Diego The boomer generation is not aging like our parents. We are more physically active, more weight and health-conscious, and feel younger than our chronological age might indicate! However, those early signs of facial aging, such as loose neck skin or neck bands, early jowling, or prominent cheek […]

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Facial Fillers: Instant Gratification in San Diego

Wrinkle Removal with Facial Fillers in Del Mar, San Diego Everyone likes to see results instantly.  With many surgical procedures, the healing process takes time and the results of surgery cannot be enjoyed right away.  The beauty of facial fillers is that the improvements can be seen immediately right in the doctor’s office.  Fillers such […]

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Injectable Fillers – Del Mar, San Diego

Facial Fillers: Cosmetic “Spackle” so you can Sparkle! I am often asked at parties and in the office: How can I get rid of these lines on my face without surgery? The answer usually is injectable fillers. Fillers are what they sound like – they “fill in” lines, scars, and creases like spackle does for your wall! […]

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