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Women from all walks of life may desire breast augmentation to enhance the size, shape, and position of their breasts. As time passes, a woman may wish to undergo breast implant replacement surgery or opt for breast implant removal surgery and keep her natural breast tissue. Different approaches to remove implants are available and depend on the capsule (scar tissue surrounding the breast implants) and the condition of the breast tissue.

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En bloc is a French term that means altogether, the whole thing, or outright. En bloc breast implant removal refers to the procedure that removes the capsule and implant in one piece or unit, with the implant sealed within the capsule pocket. This approach is sometimes considered en bloc capsulectomy, but capsulectomy can differ slightly from en bloc surgery.

Why Remove Your Breast Implants?

Women can have many reasons for breast implant removal, including a change of preference, different desires, a rupture, implant rippling, or breast implant illness. If your chest no longer represents how you want to identify, then capsule tissue removal could be right for you.

What Are the Approaches to Removing Breast Implants?

Every patient is unique and will require a different approach to removing their breast implants.


Partial capsulectomy can correct capsular contracture when the surrounding scar tissue hardens and causes issues. This approach only removes part of the scar tissue.

A total capsulectomy explant removes the breast implants and capsule but may divide the pieces and remove a small section at a time. This method keeps the incision as minimal as possible while removing all of the scar tissue.

En Bloc Surgery

An en bloc explant can also be referred to as capsulectomy, but this method removes the capsule and breast implant at the same time, still intact. The goal of en bloc is to prevent contamination, such as silicone chemicals and bacteria, from leaking and potentially causing issues in the body. Textured silicone implants are most often removed through the en bloc technique.

En Bloc With Lift

Women with larger breasts or who are more susceptible to skin sagging may opt for an en bloc with a breast lift, which repositions the breasts on the chest for a higher-projecting bust. If excess skin is a concern, it can be removed during the breast lift procedure.

En Bloc With Fat Grafting

For women who are seeking to remove their breast implants but want a boost in their cleavage, they can choose to undergo an en bloc with fat grafting. Liposuction is used to suction excess fat from the thighs, back, buttocks, abdomen, or arms. The fat cells are then purified and injected into the breasts after removing the implants and capsule. This natural method of fat transfer allows for a subtle increase in breast tissue without any foreign tissue in the body.

En Bloc With Lift and Grafting

Patients can combine their en bloc procedure with a breast lift and fat grafting for complete breast rejuvenation.

Can I Get an En Bloc?

The main reasons for not being able to conduct en bloc surgery include:

  • The capsule is too small or thin
  • The breast tissue or skin is too fragile
  • The capsule is large

Weak or thin tissue can cause tearing if not handled with care, and an overly large capsule requires a significant incision, which results in a more extensive scar. The details of your recommended surgical plan will be discussed during your consultation with Dr. Pollack in San Diego.

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Are you considering breast implant removal? Schedule a consultation with Dr. Pollack at his San Diego office by calling 858-450-9100 or by filling out our online contact form to discuss if en bloc surgery is right for you.